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The Pros and Cons of Resonator Guitars 

Resonator guitars, also known as resophonic guitars, are classic guitars that produce their sound by carrying the string vibrations to spun metal cones called resonators which are mounted under the bridge. The resonator guitar was invented by a renowned performer during the early 20th century known as George Beauchamp who noticed acoustic guitars struggled to be heard over the other instruments in the orchestra. With the help of a violin maker, George got to work and came up with the Tri-Cone guitar which he patented before starting a company to manufacture the world’s first resonator guitars. 

The result was a success as resonators had a distinctive loud sound that cut through most performances and mixes far more easily than regular guitars. Resonators quickly gained popularity amongst musicians from different genres due to their ability to add an authentic vintage tone to any modern recording. The following are some of the pros and cons of using a resonator guitar. 


  1. Unique sound

Resonator guitars have a very distinctive sound that you won’t find in any other type of guitar. Certain types of music just sound better on a resonator guitar particularly vintage blues. Once you get used to the louder sound of a resonator, get ready to have fun playing for hours as they can be quite addictive. 

  1. Volume

Resonator guitars were invented purposely to be louder than regular acoustic guitars. At that time, electric guitars were a myth, and the regular guitars were not loud enough for some performers. Their design that used spun metal cones as opposed to soundboards produces a louder sound that can be heard over any other instruments. 

  1. Beauty

Anyone who owns a resonator guitar will confess that one of the main things that attracted them to the guitar is the beauty. Resonators are made of beautiful, shiny metals that can be custom designed to suit the needs of the buyer. Its distinctive styling has made it a favorite in guitar posters and numerous classic album covers. 


  1. Weight


Since it has many metallic parts, the resonator guitar is much heavier than regular guitars. Some models which are made entirely of metal are impossible to carry around especially to performances that require the player to stand. Using the resonator can result in back problems in the long run. 

  1. Tuning

If you are not used to a resonator guitar, tuning it can be a daunting task. Due to its unique tonal flavor, finding the right sound can take some time to master. Also, you have to adjust the intonation every time you change the strings.


Other  guitars 

Types of Guitars 

Double-Neck guitar  

Archtop Guitars

Twelve-string Guitars


Twelve-string Guitars

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Pros and Cons of Twelve-string Guitars

In case you are thinking of purchasing the 12-string guitaryou should first comprehend what type of music you wish to play & the kind of sound that you intend to get. Over time, the 12-string guitar has been mainly utilized for genres such as folk, blues, & some other genres having some authenticity. It similarly does some rock & roll sometimes. 
Based on the sound that you wish to get, purchasing a 12-string might be a good option or it might just be unbeneficial to you. General wisdom states that you just need to purchase a guitar having 12 strings in order to replace a 6 string which you already have. Being a little bit of a specialty type, you might require something that is more conventional for daily use. Below are some twelve-string guitars pros and cons: 


Quality sound 

The main & the most obvious benefit of having the 12-string guitar is the fact that it has some richbeautiful sound which you can never receive from the traditional guitar.

Fuller effect  

With the 12 strings, you can get some fuller effect which can convert a song from any genre to something special. These instruments have always been utilized for more than only folk or the classical musicOne can utilize them for some blues, country and jazz. 

Extra income 

In case you are a professional working musician, a full-timer or even something that you just do during the weekends, purchasing this guitar can offer you some extra feather for your individual songs from your own set list. This can also apply for any person who plays at the church or at some volunteer opportunities in their community. 
Once it comes to the advantage of purchasing the 12-string, it actually breaks down to a wonderful sound. We might try to get some additional reasons as to why you should buy one, but the guitar’s sound is just what it is about. 


Tedious to get quality sound  

In case you require that unique sound, there is going to be some extra work which is involved as compared to a traditional guitar. 

Requires more tuning 

For Beginners, you are going to spend extra time to tune the 12-string guitars since the workload has doubled. In case you wish to buy the 12-string guitarthere is a probability that guitar tuning isn’t an issue to you, but it is something to consider nonetheless. Different musicians prefer tuning the guitars down by a step or so as to order to obtain a specific sound. A capo can also get that job done for the same effect. 

Physical strength is required 

For the 12 string guitaryou will similarly require to get adapted to the physical differences in your body. The action is a bit more intense for these instruments which imply that you are going to be pushing down a bit harder in order to obtain the normal chords. A different option can be checking with a local guitar shop in order to see whether they might adjust that action for you. 

More workload 

Because you are dealing with double the number of strings, changing these strings every other time might similarly be a chore. 

Hard to fingerpick 

Finallythe 12-string guitars might be somehow rough for players out there who enjoy fingerpicking. In case you actually need to play in this way, you can surely make that work. It is something that you will just have to get. 


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Types of Guitars 

Double-Neck guitar  

Archtop Guitars


Double-Neck guitar  

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Double-Neck guitar

Double-neck guitars are guitars that have two fingerboard necks which make them appear as two guitars fused into one.

Two versions of these guitars are in existence, the acoustic and the electric version.

The electric model the most common of them in the market.

Double-neck guitars usually have 12 strings on the upper neck and 6
strings on the lower neck which give the player the advantage of playing
different sounds without necessarily having to change guitars. They also
feature a bridge for each neck which makes it possible to tune each neck

Though not many people know how to play double neck guitars, these guitars have several
advantages over the regular single neck guitars. Below we outline some of these
advantages, and for user-base experience, we also reveal some of the reasons
why some may not prefer these guitars 




The player doesn’t have to swap or change the guitar while playing a different song 

One can shift from one sound to the other easily in the middle of the song without
affecting the song

The twelve strings neck has been regarded as offering better palette harmonics, a thing
said to be almost impossible with the single-neck six strings guitar

The guitar allows the capability to tune each neck differently. 

A double-neck guitar has the capability to feature one fretless neck and one
regular guitar neck on the same guitar, this showing the variability of string
count and settings for enhanced user experience.

Not many people can play songs with this guitar, which makes a player capable
of playing songs with a double-neck guitar seem like a guitar pro, even if they
only have guitar basic lessons on themselves. 




Double-neck guitars are heavier the regular single head guitar and this limits much
movement with the guitar

They are also larger than single-neck guitars, this also limiting stage acrobatics you
can do with them

Multiple guitar strings means you will need to use more money to replace them  

Double-neck guitars are also a little bit pricey than normal guitars, this because of the combination
of two guitars in one.  


Tips while using a double-neck guitar


Get a wide shoulder strap for your guitar to help ease some weight on the shoulder while
playing the guitar.

If you are not performing on stage get something to sit on as you enjoy laying your
double-neck guitar.  

Take good care of your guitar and guitar strings to ensure long usage without having to
spend on repair and replacements.



Double-neck guitars can be exciting to own and play. They help maximize stage performance
by ensuring you have all the strings and sounds you need for different songs.
These guitars have quite some advantages over the regular single neck guitar
which would make playing music with them more convenient than with the regular


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Types of Guitars 

Archtop Guitars


Twelve-string Guitars


Different Types of Guitars

The word guitar is derived from the Spanish language and it stands for the long fretted-neck instrument which has been popular for over five thousand years. Guitars typically have six strings but there are other varieties with four, seven, eight, ten and even twelve strings. In the past, guitars were made using various woods which would be strung with animal gut but recently they are made of either nylon or steel strings. Guitars are central instruments in the playing of flamenco, rock music, blues and many forms of pop.
Among the various different types of guitars are electric, acoustic, bass, dobro and many more.
Many of these unique variations of the guitar include cool features which will suit your style. Many types that work well for some people might not exactly work best for some individuals. Therefore it’s better to familiarize yourself with just what is the ideal style that matches you well before deciding to buy and learn the guitar.
Some standard guitar playing pointers are offered also to help you get started, along with simple sheet music reading and tab specifics. Begin with information regarding the different types that the artists use.
In this post, I will provide you with a brief information about several of the popular types of guitars.

The Main Different Types of Guitars  

Acoustic Guitars

The Acoustic guitars would be the guitars which make sufficient sound for just a modest audience without the need for amplification. Most are widely used in country songs as well as classical music.
Acoustic guitar possesses a body made from thin wood. It can be purchased in an array of styles, and designs, how they are made the sound they generate, ease and amplifier. They rely on the body acoustics rather than on the amplifying system. This kind of instrument is mainly created in wood and is hollow at the bridge area.

Electric Guitars

Electric types, on the other hand, requires an amplifier to be able to generate the quality sound that originates from the electronic pickups. The sound it makes is far more metallic. Electric guitars possess knobs for volume and also tone. The pickups are important parts of all electric guitar and so they ought to be looked after correctly to have the most out of when you are guitar playing.
Every once in a while, there will be a necessity to change them for a superior setup or just newer and more effective equipment.

Bass Guitars 

Another type, the Bass guitars possess an excellent deep sound and usually are extremely an easy task to learn how to play. Bass guitars further include options like fretless or perhaps fretted. Fretted electric basses are generally preferred among musicians everywhere.

Classical Guitars

Classical guitars are recognized by making use of nylon material (back many years ago, cat gut) guitar strings. Commonly, these instruments have a very wide neck as well as a flat fingerboard. Classical guitar has the focus on the 3 lower strings (the high pitch notes); this really is great for the plucking.
While Acoustic Guitar has the focus on its 3 top strings (the lower pitch notes); which is great for strumming. Classical guitars are simpler to perform simply because nylon strings are generally soft on the hands. The fret boards of this guitar type are usually much wider and also flat.

Other  guitars 

Double-Neck guitar  

Archtop Guitars


Twelve-string Guitars



Archtop Guitars

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Archtop Guitars: Are They Good or Bad?


An archtop guitar is a guitar whose bridge is adjustable, body hollow, top and back arched, and whose sound hole is substituted with f-holes. Some of the typical examples of archtop guitars include:

• Gibson Les Paul

• Gibson ES-335
• Gibson ES-175
• Gibson L-5
• Epiphone Casino

In this article, we will look at some of the vital benefits/limitations of the archtop guitar. However, it is essential to appreciate the fact that different users have different preferences and therefore some benefits/ constraints outlined herein may or may not appeal to your taste.

Benefits of Archtop Guitar

• Mellow Sound

Archtop guitars, unlike solid bodies, produce soft and calm sounds that go perfectly well with jazz music. They are made of maple tops and don’t have sound holes, both features contributing to the mellow sound. Not unless you are very good at differentiating sounds, you will not tell the difference between Gibson ES-175 archtop guitar and an electric guitar. Any archtop with heavy strings- 13s or 14s- is a joy to play and listen to.

• Comfortable to Play

Most archtop guitars have their necks angled backward, meaning that you don’t have to do a lot of reaching and straining to reach the lower frets. Epiphone ES-330 fully hollow thin body and Gibson ES-335 small body with a center block are my favorites in this regard.

• Hybrid Guitars

Most electric archtops have piezoelectric pickups in place of magnetic pickups and can, consequently, play bass lines and melodies on the same neck, with the two plugged separately.


• Unwanted rise in volume that at times give noisy feedback. There is, however, a volume control measures you can take to cure that problem. Introducing a block of wood below the bridge, for example, restricts unnecessary vibration and consequently reduces the unwanted noise. You can fix the wood using glue.
• Unlike many solid bodies, archtop guitars are huge and can be a bother to carry around. This is, however, an advantage for those who prefer huge/heavy accessories.
• Without a sound hole, playing an archtop guitar requires that you wedge and fish it using its f and pickup holes respectively. This could be challenging, especially if you are a beginner. With a little more patience, however, this challenge metamorphose into an advantage.
• They are not always loud enough which makes it hard for mics to pick their sound. If you are performing live on stage, then it is essential that you have a good mic.
• Gibson ES-175, among other pluggable archtops, do not sound well when unplugged.
• Most of them are expensive, and the available cheap ones are too dull to play.

Final Verdict

The disadvantages of Archtop Guitars compared with their advantages are mild, inconsequential, and easy to fix. The final verdict is that the guitars are good and useful, particularly for Jazz and Blues enthusiasts. If you are yet to find a good one, then you are probably not searching hard enough.

Other  guitars 

Types of Guitars 

Double-Neck guitar  


Twelve-string Guitars



When it comes to looking for the finest guitar can be stressful and confusing especially if you do not know what brand to choose and where to find it in your place that is near you. This becomes a challenge, however, taking advantage of choosing the right guitar can lead you to opportunities in getting to know more of the brands and how it is made to its finest quality. This is somewhat a mission for you to observe and encounter different musicians that can recommend perhaps their favorite brand of guitar, strings, and accessories.

What to expect in choosing for a guitar?

As you are choosing for a specific guitar, it is essential that you can inspect the quality and uniqueness of the instrument. So, this means, you will need to check whether it will tailor fit your needs or not. This will also direct you to a decision with regards to investing in a type of guitar that will qualify your taste. Indeed, each has their specs of finding the right guitar. Another factor that you’ll need to expect is the accuracy regarding tuning, tone, and intonation of the instrument. If you have been a guitar player for quite some time, it is easy for you to detect, recognize and compare the quality of the guitar in those terms. Whereas, if you are still a novice, it would be hard for you to identify.

Guitar’s playability

A guitar will always sound good especially if it comes with the best accessories such as the strings and other parts that make it worth the price. If you put yourself on a guitar that is made in poor quality, surely you will find it hard to play. Even professionals would not recommend a kind of guitar that has a low quality of materials. Since they aim for excellence, it is expected that all of their choices are always on point an d of great quality. Therefore, if you want to purchase a certain guitar brand, always question the quality and how the instrument made so easy to play. In this way, you can weigh your options regarding buying a guitar for yourself or your child.

Choose a guitar that motivates you to learn and play more

Each has their ways of motivation, but with regards to the right guitar is so much different. There are several of guitar instruments that you can start playing. If you want to be inspired, always go for variety. It could be an acoustic guitar or a mandolin or a banjo, bass or electric. However, this is no excuse if you aim to purchase a low-class type of guitar. As mentioned, one way for you to be motivated in playing is the quality of the guitar, and if you an inexpensive guitar with very poor quality, this will hinder your child from learning.

It comes with the right size

The guitar can either be too large or too small for an adult or a child in playing guitar. To ensure that you have chosen the right size of a specific instrument is to measure yourself while holding the guitar. In this way, you can determine whether if it fits your size or not. Another thing that you’ll need to consider is reaching the frets of the guitar. If you have small or long fingers matters because it would be too uncomfortable if you can’t reach or your fingers are way above the fret.