George Town Heritage Celebrations – an epitome of the multicultural and rich historical value of George Town – is a definite highlight for the city every July. The vibrant and lively affair is held to commemorate the inscription of George Town together with Melaka as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the 7th of July 2008.

The theme of ‘Traditional Sports and Games’ will take the spotlight in 2016, and a colloquial term was selected to personify the local context of the celebration – we call it ‘Mai Main’ or in common words, ‘Let’s Play!’. It is an invitation to experience and appreciate the sports and games from the past. These activities were once defining parts in the daily lives of community – not only for the purpose of recreation but also a part of rituals or religious celebrations.

With abundance of hands-on activities and a variety of programs, we aspire to nurture interest and to transmit knowledge as well as skills to the visitors. The programs have been carefully selected to suit the differences of physical fitness and age groups, and everyone will be assured of opportunities to experience a wide range of traditional sports and games: from high intensity activities such as martial arts, pandu atta and baling selipar, to those which are more laid-back like traditional board games, batu tujuh and pallangguli.

Let us welcome you to take part in perhaps one of the best George Town Heritage Celebrations yet. Mai Main!



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