5 Easy Jazz Licks You Can Learn Today

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March 21, 2018
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March 29, 2018

5 Easy Jazz Licks You Can Learn Today


Learning to play jazz guitar can appear like a tough game for many players. However, jazz guitarists use different techniques to improve the performance of solo in jazz music. Soloing over jazz chords seems impossible to beginners. It is, therefore, significant to learn the ammunition required to solo over jazz chords perfectly. Experts encourage the use of several jazz licks to make a realistic jazz sound to solos. The technique offers confidence and motivation during the practice session when building jazz guitar soloing chops. The section below describes several jazz licks you can practice to make jazz soling using a guitar.
Five easy jazz licks you can learn today

Bluesy Walk-Up

This lick utilizes the ordinary notes within the chord. It introduces the common 6th of the scale. Professionals identify 6th as the signature sound in jazz. When playing guitar it is advisable to play frequently when using bluesy walk up lick in various ways.

Twisting with bird

Twisting with Bird is simple. The lick outlines a popular chord. It leads to every note of the chord from above and from below. It moves from A-G and E-D. When playing the guitar, it is wise to master the chords to avoid confusion.

A Basic ii VI

This lick combines different licks that have little dom7b9 arpeggio. A player moves from Two Five to B-D-F-Ab and ends at G which is the 5th of C major.

 On the Bebop Stairway

At this lick, we connect Stairway to Swing then end our A Basic ii-V-I. Some guitar players play three notes like Ab-Bb-Ab using a single pick stroke. The approach develops a smooth, mellow sound.

Pushing the minor ii V

This type of lick sounds complex. However, when broken down it is easy to comprehend. Each chord uses a leading tone. The chords are a ½ step from each other and one fret below the root of a chord. Lick moves up to the chord then to the A7 arpeggio while turning on the b9.



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