Protect Your New Guitar in 5 Simple Steps

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How To Protect Your New Guitar in 5 Simple Steps

You just purchased or received a new guitar. You love playing guitar, but you also must ensure you take care of it. So, now you’re wondering how to protect your new guitar. Continue reading for 5 simple steps to ensure your guitar lasts.7

Store Your Guitar Properly

Yes, this seems like a no-brainer, but you will be surprised at the number of people that do not think about storing a guitar. Make sure you store your guitar in a case to protect it from dust and any from anyone accidentally knocking it off the table or stand.

Protect Your New Guitar While In Use

Protect your new guitar while in use. As you practice or play at gigs, it’s essential that you make a small investment in a strap. By using a strap, it will help eliminate the possibility of your guitar hitting the floor and becoming damaged.

Restring and Clean

After each use of your guitar, it’s a great idea to do a quick wipe down of the strings. By using a paper towel or rag, you can extend the life of your strings. Now, there will come a time that your guitar will need restringing and when that time comes be sure to get the correct ones and if you do not know how to restring yourself, seek assistance or a professional.

Take Care of The Body

Don’t forget the body of your new guitar. Grab a good bottle of guitar polish and a rag; do not use household cleaner. Focus on those hard to get areas (the bridge and pickup area) to keep your guitar looking nice. Not only will the dirt and grime make the body of your guitar look nasty, but it also affects your ability for proper hand placements due to the wear of the guitar making the surface rough to the touch.

Peep Inside

Every six months take a peep inside. By removing the cover, you can check to ensure there are no loose wires or bolts that may cause you problems on down the road. This is also an opportunity to do a quick cleaning of the inside for any dirt that has collected.

We hope these 5 simple steps will help you protect your new guitar. Now go back to making music, but remember to clean and store after each use.

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